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Valeri Saveliev had a visit the Sverdlovsk State Philharmonic and attended the orchestra’s rehearsal. In few days the musicians are going to Japan to take part in the International symphony orchestras festival.



In 2007 Valeri Saveliev lent to the Philharmonic orchestra musicians 7 antique violins by famouse Italian and French luthiers with a total value of more than €1.5 million. One of the instruments – violin by Pietro Guarneri – is the most valuable violin in Yekaterinburg for the moment: it is estimated to cost more than €500.000.


However, the violin will not be taken to Japan: the exit documents are not ready yet.  As for  other instruments, such as two violins, a viola and a cello by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, the will go on tour with the orchestra.


Valeri Saveliev wished the musicians to do their best and to bring positive emotions to the people who recently had suffered from earthquakes and Fukusima-1 incident.


The Ural deputy and philanthropist is sure that the tragic events in Japan should not make people forget about cultural life. «Even during the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Union encouraged cultural activity: movies were made, musicians and singers gave their concerts» - said Valeri Saveliev.

He also assured the orchestra musicians that natural disasters in Japan were over: «I am monitoring the radiation background situation regularly and I can say that there is no danger for you or for the instruments».